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Petrochemical, electrical, mechanical, medical, scientific, filling, buildings, industrial furnace, plumbing media automation control and other fields
Product Features:
Small size; exquisite type; zero pressure start, switch quickly, good sealing; authoritarian coil, easily destroyed; applicable to small-caliber, low-pressure piping systems.
The main technical parameters:
◆ Control: Normally open, normally closed, self-retaining.
◆ Power supply voltage: DC12 ~ 220V; AC24 ~ 380V.
◆ Body material: brass, aluminum, PTFE, stainless steel.
◆ Applicable medium: water, gas, oil, corrosive fluids.
◆ Temperature Range: (-200, -50) ~ (+120, +200, +250)
              0 ~ (+300, +450, +600) ℃.
◆ Medium viscosity: less than 50C St (greater than to be customized).
◆ Protection Performance: dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof. According to the conditions selection
◆ Wiring: Terminal Block type; Leaded; plug-in.
◆ Connection: flange, welding, internal thread (male and special interfaces or add custom adapter).