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Military, nuclear industry, Shipbuilding Industry, petrochemical, power, chemical, light industry, machinery, research, gas pipelines, industrial furnace, plumbing media automation control and other fields.
   Note: The outlet pressure is greater than the inlet pressure, the media will reverse conduction. Check valve can be installed or custom built-return valve function.
 Product Features:
1, field-free installation; action responsive with original sealing materials, life expectancy is ten times similar products
2, CNC machining, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the solenoid valve
3, using a special plastic coil, improve the reliability of the valve and waterproof, moisture-proof
4, liquid, gas, oil can be mixed to improve the use of the valve
5, the manual switch can handle the solenoid valve coil without electricity or burned, the solenoid valve opens and closes to achieve
Attractive appearance; piston structure; stable performance; authoritarian coil, easily burned; most adapted to use in explosion hazardous areas.
The main technical parameters:
◆ Control: Normally open, normally closed, self-retaining.
◆ Power supply voltage: DC12 ~ 220V; AC24 ~ 380V.
◆ Body material: steel, brass, aluminum, PTFE, stainless steel.
◆ Applicable medium: water, gas, oil, corrosive fluids.
◆ Pressure range: 0 ~ 200MPa
◆ Temperature Range: (-200, -50) ~ (+120, +200, +250)
              0 ~ (+300, +450, +600) ℃.
◆ Medium viscosity: less than 50C St (greater than to be customized).
◆ Protection Performance: dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof. According to the conditions selection.
◆ Wiring: Terminal Block type; leaded.
◆ Connection: flange, welding, internal thread (male and special interfaces or add custom adapter).
How it works:
Normally closed: When the coil is energized, the solenoid core pull, pressure relief hole open, the master piston driven by the medium pressure, open the main valve port, medium flow.
When the coil is de-energized, the main valve port closed, medium cutoff.
Normally open: when the coil is energized, the solenoid core pull, pressure relief hole is closed, the main piston driven by the medium pressure, close the main valve port, the media off.
When the coil is de-energized, the main valve port open, medium flow.


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