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 Solenoid valve life test measured how?

The following four kinds of situations, impede the solenoid valve and shorten working life:
1, the process of using the media to change
2, over rusted inside
3, air compressor oil oxidized to produce carbon tar and other debris, mixed pipeline
4, the pipe with dirt particles and other impurities
Currently commercially available supply of a "solenoid valve life test bed" device can solve the problem for you!
Technical performance and indicators:
⑴ valve at a constant pressure 12bar (can be set), through the highest 90 ℃ hot water. According to different types of valve-off requirements (eg 5s 5s pass off for a) conduct
Test, the number of trials in 50,000 consecutive times or so (can be set).
⑵ test bench can automatically record the valve coil off situation, the malfunction way valve, to record stop time, but does not affect the other valve work.
⑶ test bench can be detected simultaneously satisfy the 10 valves.
⑷ pressure control accuracy ± 0.2bar, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃.
⑸ solenoid valve voltage is adjustable (12 ~ 300V),
⑹ off as a low-pressure performance test


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